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Data networks and Internet connectivity have changed the face of computing. Users and devices across the globe interact with each other as if they were in the same room. But, network applications introduce security risks, cause workplace distractions, and hinder business IT systems. Connectivity cannot be an issue when conducting business. You need reliability at both the office and remotely, all while protecting your data and reducing your costs. Essential Technologies Group ensures your business’s network is less of a hindrance and more of a valued asset.

Specializing in providing service, security and performance to businesses in Australia, Essential Tech’s comprehensive internet and data networking support can help you:


Control Costs

Simple equipment, such as modem-routers, represent a significant outlay for businesses. Besides hardware costs, networks need regular maintenance. Then there’s the design of the network layout. In all cases, we help better regulate your network’s total cost significantly.

Manage Usage

Because Internet networking connectivity fosters undesirable behavior among your staff, there’s a minefield of online distractions tempting employees during office hours. And, a large network encourages users to engage in illicit file sharing or instant messaging rather than being productive. We draw up a network / Internet usage policy, that’s enforceable and engenders little resentment from your staff.

Enhance Communication

We help you accelerate distributing business intelligence and embracing interactions. Instant messaging lets users talk in real time, send files to peers anywhere and retrieve vast amounts of useful information.

Improve Resource Sharing

A well-designed network allows users to share both hardware and software resources to increase efficiency and facilitate workplace collaboration. Users share one high-bandwidth connection, instead of you maintaining a smaller one for each user, and information is imparted much faster.


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