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A Simple Hybrid Cloud Solution Saves Money and Improves Productivity. BallyCara Case Study

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seniors exercising case study for ballycara

Find out how Essential Tech worked with BallyCara to create a hybrid cloud solution that combines the benefits of the cloud while maintaining some legacy features. Founded in 1983, BallyCara is a charitable organisation that provides residential aged care, home

Is Slow Internet Holding You Back? Kids Matters Case Study

Case Studies

For Kids Matters, slow internet speed impacted on every aspect of their daily operations. The organisation were paying for expensive phone and internet, while getting little value for money. Find out how we saved Kids Matters time and money, with fast and reliable

Take Control of Unpredictable IT Bills. Calibre Real Estate Case Study

Case Studies

Unpredictable IT bills are a challenge for businesses. If you feel like you’re always fighting IT fires, then it’s time you got a plan that will keep you covered. Get control of IT costs, keep your valuable data safe and

Are you Prepared for Rapid Business Growth? CUSP Case Study

Case Studies

Would your IT be capable of adapting to rapid business growth? It’s a question that most businesses don’t ask, until it’s too late. Prepare for business growth, with an IT plan that is scalable, secure and flexible; one that can

From Oonadatta to Wangaratta; Do your Staff Work Remotely? DECC Case Study

Case Studies
Brisbane Law Courts by DECC

For DECC, poor network access and slow speeds made it impossible for staff to share, edit and store their files. The company needed to be able to communicate effectively between their offices and remote staff. Find out how our cloud-based

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