How Do We Do It?

The method we use to bring you the best cyber security has multiple steps, including:

Assessment: Intimate Understanding of Your Cyber Risk Profile

To gain a clear image of your cyber risk profile, we perform a complete security risk assessment. This includes a complete audit of your security architecture and policies, as well as assessing which threats and vulnerabilities exist to plague your business. We develop a government-compliant, information security strategy, which includes which of your information is in the public domain, and how such information can affect your ability to counter an attack.

Identify: Recognizing Which Digital Business Assets Are Critical

Identifying your most critical and valuable data is needed to institute effective data loss prevention and application security. If the security you have in place for it is not within your risk appetite, upgrade to advanced threat protection. This includes identity and access control, mobile security and management, and strong authentication.

Protect: The Integration of Cyber With Strategy

After gaining understanding of your IT systems we provide security solutions tailored to your needs and still allows you the same level of protection even when your business expands. We offer wholistic look at IT security, offer training and consulting on integrating cyber security across all horizontals and verticals of business functions and departments.

Surveillance: Build Yourself a Cyber Resilient Organization

Proactive monitoring, incident reporting, attack analysis and surveillance helps us to create a framework that helps your team in business productivity. We also make sure all cyber security policies are up to date and followed across the organization.

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