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Engineering IT Support in the Office and Out on the Field

In the engineering industry, there’s a high demand for reliable IT. Wasted time caused by faulty networks, incompatible software and lost communication between employees is like money flying out of a window. Trust Essential Technologies Group to ensure you’re getting the most bang for your buck. We deliver technology and solutions to eliminate downtime, streamline productivity and ultimately grow your business. We’ll handle it all, including your IT hardware, software, phone and networks. We work with you to develop a comprehensive engineering IT strategy and technology roadmap that aligns your company’s revenue and growth objectives with technology solutions.

Specializing in providing service, security, and performance to businesses in Australia, Essential Technologies Group’s engineering IT support can help you:


Inspire Collaboration

Stay connected in the office and out in the field with the ability to access all of your documents, contracts, blueprints, inspection reports and more from virtually anywhere with Essential Tech’s mobile solutions.

Increase Performance

Essential Technologies Group keeps your systems integrated and running flawlessly from project management systems to CAD/CAM and from your back office to your client portal.

Meet Compliance Requirements

Leave the hassle of keeping up with constantly changing regulations and requirements behind. We’ll managed it all and continuously monitor and upgrade your systems to ensure it meets the most current rules and guidelines.

Lower Costs

Essential Tech helps you managed your costs, this includes capital cost of owning and licensing technology, the operation cost of keeping that technology running and finally, the cost when you fall out of compliance.


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