Managed Networking Services

From Strategy to Implementation, We’ve got Your IT Security Covered

Essential Technologies Group’s managed network services secures and manages complete network infrastructure to enhance business productivity and efficiency.

We implement processes that allows better control, transparency and security of the network.

With Essential Technologies Group on your team, you can be assured of lowered network infrastructure investments. You also have a future-proof, fast and reliable network service that give your employees the facilities to focus on their core responsibilities and business processes.

Our 24/7 support and pro-active network monitoring offers 100% connectivity and the best customer service.

Reclaim your time to focus on main business drivers and let us manage the rest. Essential Tech’s comprehensive services include:

Server & Networking Services

Experience the freedom and reliability to take your business to where it needs to go. Maintaining your drivers and software, and ensuring they’re properly updated and functioning takes away valuable time that’d be better spent on focusing on your core business goals.

Email Services

Email communication drives business every day. You require reliable, safe, and flexible mail service to keep your business running. What we often forget about is security; spam, hackers, and virus creators are more determined than ever.

Internet & Data Networking

Data networks and Internet connectivity have changed the face of computing. Users and devices across the globe interact with each other as if they were in the same room. But, network applications introduce security risks, cause workplace distractions, and hinder business IT systems.

IT Consulting

For some companies, the basic managed services model doesn’t meet their business needs. You need talent on demand, ready to handle any and every project that might arise. That’s how our by-the-block, IT consulting solution differs from a traditional retainer.

Find out how Managed Service Providers can make a huge impact on your success.

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