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PC & Mac IT Support

Experience the freedom and reliability to take your business to where it needs to go.

Trust Essential Technologies Group with Your PC and Mac Support

Making sure your PC and Macintosh desktops and workstations are operating perfectly is a full-time job. Luckily, no matter which desktop, laptops or workstations you use or which operating systems they’re running, Essential Technologies Group can maintain and manage them all. We’ll provision, secure and inventory your machines and systems, ensure all drivers and software are up to date, manage your licenses, integrate them with your existing equipment, and much more.

Specializing in providing service, security, and performance to businesses in Australia, Essential Tech’s comprehensive PC & Mac support can help you:


Empower Your Users

Essential Technologies Group works closely with your staff to make certain they understand how to use their machines and applications in order to streamline productivity and efficiency.

Achieve Quick Support

Desktop and workstation Mac & PC support is available by phone or live remote control. Our support engineers remotely diagnose and resolve issues more than 90% of the time. Onsite support, even after hours, is available whenever it’s needed.

Acquire the Best Service

Custom fit every part of our relationship with our tiered service level agreements. This way, we can ensure you’re engaging us to deliver the exact level of services you need.

Maintain Peak Performance

Essential Technologies Group monitors every functional network component: routers, firewalls, switches, IP based phone systems and more. We’re just as watchful with critical desktop events and Mission Critical applications, anti-virus and software patch alerts.

Stay Safe & Secure

We remove spyware, adware and viruses before they can cause damage, as well as audit patches, ports, passwords and firewalls. Essential Tech also inventories hardware and software assets, tracks your warranties and service contracts, and provides security updates and software installations.

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