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Secure end-to-end communication. With our managed networking services (MNS), we will be able to connect and communicate with all the IT devices to increase efficiency and productivity. We take care of the day-to-day maintenance of your network and keep it secure, scalable and agile. Access your network from anywhere at lightning fast speeds.

How can Essential Tech help the communications in your business?

As you already know communication is key in business. Essential Tech can assist in clearing up the lines of communication whether it’s VoIP Phone systems or Video Conferencing we are here to help.

VoIP or Voice over IP can enhance your communications experience though some of the following:


No maintenance or upgrade costs

Access to low-cost IP calling

Ability to make changes & moves instantly

Enables your staff the flexibility to work remotely

Access to call management features

Provides reliability and complete security

Integration with many 3rd party CRM applications such as SalesForce, Microsoft Dynamics and many more.

Advanced reporting and cost centre management

Call centre features

Video Conferencing is being utilised more and more in businesses across the world. Having the ability to have face to face conversations anywhere with an internet connection can radically enhance how you and your team communicate.

For your convenience, we have included some of the other benefits of utilising video conferences in your business.


Advanced real-time collaboration


Offers a range of extras, e.g. organisational tools and file sharing


Available to an unlimited amount of users


Saves businesses time and money


Boosts productivity


Includes remote capabilities

Benefits Of Our Communication Package

Secure internet access across locations.

Keeps you data safe across your network.

Improves communication between staff and multiple locations.

Scalable for future growth.

Humanised IT 0

On Demand 0

Complete Transparency 0

Security Focused 0

Why choose Essential Tech?

We are your go-to team in Managed IT. With our 100% up-time guarantee, our clients can rest assured their business will run at maximum efficiency with unparalleled security and premium service.

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