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Video Conferencing

It’s no secret that small businesses aren’t small thinkers when it comes to where they source their talent from. With the rise of the internet and advances in communication technology, it’s never been easier to keep in touch globally, inter-state or even just from home. And you’ll be saving money while you’re at it. But how do you do it? With a dedicated video conferencing set up, courtesy of Logitech and Quicklaunch, of course. 

Logitech’s line of video conferencing cameras are one of the best in the market for a very good reason. They enable your business to: 

  • Make the most of small spaces. Logitech’s MeetUp camera provides crystal-clear picture quality with a 120-degree field of vision that makes the most out of tight meeting spaces. Designed with a huddle-style meeting room in mind, the MeetUp camera draws on a 4K ultra high-def sensor and Logitech lens to offer up picture quality that lets everyone feel like they’re in the room. 
  • Get exceptional audio quality. Gone are the days of distracting echoes and annoying microphone feedback. MeetUp features three beamforming mics that are optimized for small room acoustics. Spend less time asking the other person to repeat the question and more time getting work done.
  •  Make video conferencing simple. Using MeetUp is as simple as plugging in and going. Logitech’s entire line of video conferencing cameras are designed to work with any video conferencing software.  

 So you’ve got your perfect video conferencing camera. What comes next? Software that will help you get the most out of your investment and streamline your communications processes.  

Enter Quicklaunch: a simple and secure meeting application that turns your computer into a meeting space at one touch of a button. Designed to connect multiple virtual meeting room programs, Quicklaunch lets you easily link every single member of your team into one online space. Quicklaunch also provides a way for your team members to start applications, launch websites, access data and share devices from within the same program. That means less time fiddling with conflicting program settings and more time doing what you do best. Plus, Quicklaunch sets the industry standard for security and provides an optional lockdown mode for your peace of mind.  


Video conferencing with a dedicated set-up is essential for the modern business. By using Logitech hardware in combination with Quicklaunch, you will be able to boost your team’s productivity while reducing your communications costs. For businesses with team members working remotely, a video conferencing set-up will allow you to spend less on training and travel costs – meaning there’s more room in your budget to spend on getting you where you want to go. 


Ready to embrace the power of video conferencing and make your office communications system simple? Essential Tech is here to help. We offer the full range of Logitech cameras and provide set-up help and support for Quicklaunch. That means we can get you set up and ready to go in no time. After all, video conferencing is all about making communication simple. Get in contact with us today to get started. 

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