A Simple Hybrid Cloud Solution Saves Money and Improves Productivity. BallyCara Case Study

Although cloud database solutions lead the way in terms of agility and scalability, it is not always viable to move your legacy databases to the cloud.

Find out how Essential Tech worked with BallyCara to create a hybrid cloud solution that combines the benefits of the cloud while maintaining some legacy features.

Founded in 1983, BallyCara is a charitable organisation that provides residential aged care, home care and retirement living for members of the Queensland community. The organisation is recognised as an innovative leader in quality care and accommodation for older Australians and delivers significant community health, wellbeing and social benefits to older people through in-home support, community engagement and Wellness Programs.

BallyCara has experienced rapid growth and needed to migrate their Access database to the cloud. The benefits of moving to the cloud include scalability, agility, enterprise-level performance and cost savings. BallyCara faced challenges in migrating to the cloud and turned to Essential Tech for an affordable and practical solution.


Our assessment: BallyCara

  • Their current Access database could not be migrated to the cloud, without significant costs and a lengthy implementation process.
  • The company needed to outsource the planning, management, strategic vision and implementation of their technology requirements.

Find out how Essential Tech created a hybrid cloud solution that combines the benefits of the cloud, while maintaining core features of their legacy database. Essential Tech provided expert technical and strategic advice, saved the organisaation time and money, and equipped the business for future growth.


How we helped

Remote access availability:

Anywhere, anytime and on any device. BallyCara employees can access and share documents, communicate effectively and access the database as required with a range of cloud-based solutions including Office365.

Built for growth:

The new infrastructure is built for rapid growth and scalability. The solution meets their current needs and will adapt to future growth.

Cost savings:

Essential Tech combines the power of a private cloud and virtualised access database, with secure remote desktop and synced desktop solution. A simple, hybrid solution has repurposed their existing hardware to save money and deliver exceptional value for money.

Virtual CIO Services:

With our Virtual CIO services, we meet regularly with BallyCara to plan their IT implementations, provide strategic direction and ensure that their future technology objectives are met.

No upfront costs and predictable monthly costs:

No surprises or unexpected ad-hoc bills. A set of solutions that control costs and has predictable and affordable monthly costs.

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Discover the benefits of the cloud

Essential Tech is a Brisbane IT Consultancy who has helped countless Australian businesses enjoy the benefits of cloud solutions. Discover the cost savings, flexibility, scalability and stability of the cloud. Our customised approach ensures that your technology, IT and telecommunication solutions meet your strategic objectives, needs and budget.


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