Take Control of Unpredictable IT Bills. Calibre Real Estate Case Study

Unpredictable IT bills are a challenge for businesses. If you feel like you're always fighting IT fires, then it's time you got a plan that will keep you covered.

Unpredictable IT bills are a challenge for businesses. If you feel like you’re always fighting IT fires, then it’s time you got a plan that will keep you covered. Get control of IT costs, keep your valuable data safe and enjoy the benefits of a future-proof IT plan; all with affordable and predictable monthly costs.

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Our assessment: Calibre Real Estate


  • The company had unpredictable IT bills and IT issues were dealt with in a reactive, instead of proactive, manner.
  • As there was no backup service in place, or an effective IT plan, valuable data was at risk of being lost.


How we helped


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Safe and reliable data backups:

Data is automatically backed up to the cloud. With everything on the cloud, there’s no disasters caused from lost data and valuable files are safe. As an added safeguard, managed IT services perform regular tests on their backups.

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End-to-end security:

The company is protected from security threats and vulnerabilities with real-time, end-to-end protection, with a Sophos UTM firewall.

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Built for growth:

The new systems are built for growth and infrastructure has been planned for up to 100 new staff members.


Managed IT services:

With managed IT services, the organisation is able to focus on what they do best while we maintain, manage and plan for every disaster.

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No upfront costs and predictable monthly costs:

An affordable, monthly retainer means no more unpredictable IT fees or upfront costs.

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More time to focus on their core strengths:

Management has been freed up to focus on their core strengths and growing their business, while their IT is securely and efficiently managed.

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Virtual CIO Services:

Virtual CIO services meets quarterly and plans IT implementations.

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100% Uptime:

The company has experienced a 100% uptime. In a downtime scenario, Essential Tech is on standby to get the company back online within 3-15 minutes.

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Services Used

  • IT Support
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Security Monitoring
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