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Our story started with the desire to empower Australian businesses to perform at their best. Since 2007, we have helped businesses grow using the latest technology and customised IT solutions. We work with you to improve operational efficiency, business security and streamline your processes. Our team of professional IT consultants take the time to get to know your business and infrastructure, in order to provide tailored solutions that work for you. Whether you need secure data backups to the cloud, want to improve connectivity throughout your organisation, or would like to save money on your telephone and internet, we offer you the right advice and expert support. As trusted advisors to countless businesses across Australia, we have the expertise to meet your IT needs. We solve even the most complex IT issues and give you transparent and easy to understand advice and reporting. With Essential Tech, you get actionable and practical solutions, without confusing IT jargon. Get dedicated, local support from a team who are based in Brisbane.

What We Do

When you run your own business, it may seem like you are always paying ad-hoc bills and creating temporary patches for IT problems. You’re not alone. Essential Tech, your Managed IT support partners work proactively to ensure your IT is safe and reliable – ready for unexpected threats or disaster.

Improve your business productivity.

Instead of wasting your valuable time dealing with IT issues in-house, our professional team will keep your business safe, running smoothly and eliminate downtime, with a 100% uptime guarantee. Our Managed IT team can manage your IT hardware, software, networks, printers, phone systems and other vital technology, giving you time to focus on the core capabilities of your business.

  • Keeps you data backed up with speedy data recovery.
  • Improves communication and collaboration across your organisation.
  • Keeps your devices, networks and servers watertight safe.
  • Prevents and plans for disaster. We’ll get you back online quickly and offer 24/7 support and assistance.
  • Flexible to meet your future growth.

Don’t leave the future of your business to chance. We plan, implement and monitor best-practice IT to ensure you are ready for every challenge and always perform at your best.

Keep your data, hardware, network and systems safe from threat.

One of the most serious threats facing business is the risk of cyber threats. From malware, to ransomware and other malicious acts, it makes it important for businesses to have a rock-solid security plan and maintenance programme in place.

Essential Tech will keep you safe with the latest technology and a team who proactively guard your business from threat. We can roll your security into one, easy-to-use interface and streamline your security to saves time and money.

Your Trusted IT Consultant Partner. 

Our IT consultants have the expertise to help you improve business performance while saving you time and money. Get a comprehensive and fully integrated set of solutions across your network, software, hardware and communications, that is agile and scalable. Since 2007, we have been the trusted IT consultancy for Australian small-to-medium businesses.

We offer:
  • Software as a service: Applications delivered over the internet as a subscription. Typical SaaS include email, accounting and HR management apps.
  • Platform as a service: Provides a platform for companies to develop, run and manage applications in the cloud, without worrying about infrastructure.
  • Infrastructure as a service: Delivers computing resources such as storage and computing power.

Secure end-to-end communication.

With our managed networking services (MNS), we will be able to connect and communicate with all the IT devices to increase efficiency and productivity. We take care of the day-to-day maintenance of your network and keep it secure, scalable and agile. Access your network from anywhere at lightning fast speeds.

  • Secure internet access across locations.
  • Keeps you data safe across your network.
  • Improves communication between staff and multiple locations.
  • Scalable for future growth.

Our Difference

100% Uptime guarantee

Stay online and connected.

24/7 Support and assistance

Our team are always available to assist you.

Transparent reporting

Be in the know and find out how you are performing.

Professional affiliations & Partners

Certified Microsoft partners

We are certified Microsoft partners and certified for all partner vendor programs.

90 days satisfaction guarantee

Be completely satisfied with the services you get.

CIO services i.e ITcQ (IT competitiveness quotient)

Get a comprehensive report on the IT readiness of your business.

Meet the Team

Meet The Team

Managing Director
Michael Coward

Michael is an experienced IT executive, strategist and solver of complex problems. Whilst delivering sound advice to clients, Michael is committed to ensuring business goals are achieved efficiently. As Director of Essential Technologies Group, Michael supports clients across all facets of their IT function and in turn improves security and performance. Michael has worn many hats throughout his career that has geared him with an acute appreciation for the complex challenges associated with many IT frameworks across a variety of industries including engineering, architecture, construction, finance and accounting.

Senior Engineer
Simon Edmed

Simon Edmed is a reliable and energetic IT support professional you can depend on to be at the other end of your support queue with great enthusiasm and expertise resolving your concerns quickly. With more than nine years of experience, Simon has an astute understanding of his clients’ IT landscapes and works diligently to minimise downtime and prevent issues.

Whitney Mercer

Whitney is responsible for ensuring that Essential Technologies Group’ operations run smoothly. She is a friendly and dedicated professional, who assists with a range of day-to-day administrative tasks.

Field Service Technician
Nima Loghmani

Nima is your go-to guy in the field! He takes of all your on-site needs, ensuring you are always operating at your best.

Executive Assistant
Francia Dela Pena

The cog in our machine, Francia is an essential part of our team, ensuring all of our services are consistently performing at their best for our clients.

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