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Managed IT

Managed IT Services

Essential Tech understands that running your business is hard enough without the added complexity of dealing with a range of technology issues. We offer Managed IT Services to take these problems off your hands. Our team of experts will manage your IT hardware, software, networks, printers, phone systems and other vital technology, leaving you free to focus on running your core business. Be secure in the knowledge that your IT services are in safe and capable hands.

Are You Getting the Most Out Of Your IT?

Most people are aware that IT plays a vital role in the success of a business. In a competitive environment you also need to get the best possible return on your technology investment. You need to consider these questions:

Does your IT system deliver great user experience, staff satisfaction and optimal performance?

What impact does slow response times and system downtime have on your business?

Is your IT system built to expand effortlessly with your business?

Do you find yourself constantly paying for unexpected bills, upgrades and fixes?

IT services are difficult to get right and require expert management. More companies are discovering that outsourcing IT management to a specialist in the field is the best solution. We manage IT services on behalf of successful organisations across Australia.

What managed IT services can do for you

The principle of Managed IT services is simple. We take care of technology, while you concentrate on running your business. Essential Tech helps you by:

Designing IT infrastructure that increases efficiency, maximises productivity and leverages technology for maximum return on investment.

Implementing IT systems that are optimised according to your current business requirements, whilst also laying the foundation for future business scaling.

Delivering watertight security measures to monitor, control and secure devices, networks and servers.

Creating failsafe systems to backup your data, with restoration available within 3-15 minutes.

Building IT systems that improve collaboration, communication and decision-making.

Customer Success

Making Your Business More Productive
and More Efficient

With Managed IT Services, your business gains in a number of different ways. Firstly, your team is freed up from the major headaches associated with running a complex IT installation. As everything is accounted for in a Service Level Agreement, you know exactly what you will get – and how much it will cost. There will be no unexpected bills or surprise invoices. With an expert team in charge of your IT, you will enjoy improved productivity, reduced downtime and the opportunity to scale up or down easily as your business changes over time. In a world rife with hackers and other threats, you will have the reassurance of powerful security on all your networks and devices, managed by specialists in IT security matters. And, with backups managed professionally, your business data will be safe if disaster strikes. You will be back online within minutes, not days.

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